Blogging Reboot

So here I am again internet, sharing my life through a simple web domain as social media isn’t enough for me. I’m working on a few projects that deserve a little more exposure to the internet rather than 280 characters and maybe a better than average smartphone image.

I used to showcase my photography work here, however since I don’t do that professionally anymore, I took the decision to re-use my site as a blog. Perhaps this may be a blogging point for me as I work on my personal projects?

As I sit here at my desk at home in Newcastle upon Tyne, I’m a third year university student that’s having a mid-life crisis at the ripe age of 22. The discipline? Computer Science. Unversity? Newcastle. Gap year? Two, midway through my course. Was it an interesting gap? Absolutely incredible, but a story for another day, maybe.

I spend my time doing quite a few different things outside of my course. Thankfully the reduced contact hours of third year enable me to allocate time to do coursework sensibly, while cracking on with a few odd hobbies. Cars are big thing for me, mostly heroes from the 90s that I grew up racing in Gran Turismo on a Playstation. Needless to say that spurs on to me tinkering and organising cross country road trips with friends of similar enthusiasm.

My friend Jack’s ’92 Mazda MX-5 NA that he was restoring and we tinkered with

History and travelling are also keen passions of mine too; pair this with my passion for cars and naturally that turns into a 22 year old bloke trying to visit as many National Trust properties as possible. Not quite run of the mill, eh? Definitely underrated.

Naturally as a CompSci geek that likes fiddling, I occasionally build things. I’ve made a commitment to try and share some of my projects more this year.

A body control module I’m working on for ’90s Mazda MX-5s, mostly for my car

Since becoming a musician from a young age, music has became an incredibly important part of my life. Not in an insular way either; I love going to see concerts and performances of new artists with friends, and spend a decent amount of time building up my Spotify profile. You may wish to follow me here (and I typically follow back so I can find more music!) and drop me some recommendations.

Playing one of Kirk Hammett’s guitars before a Metallica concert

I also work, primarily doing magical things on the internet. I operate a small hosting company, specialising in hosting WordPress websites typically, which has been my bread and butter for years. Having gotten the WordPress bug since I left school, there’s little I haven’t done with the CMS. Hand in hand with this is freelance IT consultancy I do for SME businesses.

I’m also impartial to a good outing to the pub with some friends; grab some grub and maybe a pint or two if the occasion strikes!

Even pooches get excited at the thought of vegan hot dogs