About Me

Born and raised in the North East of England, I’m a computer scientist with an extensive knowledge of IT and cloud infrastructure, security, microservices, devops, and application development (backend/api/fullstack/web).

I’m currently finishing my final year of undergraduate studies in BSc Computer Science at Newcastle University.

Commercially, I have worked as a software developer, technology architect, network engineer and IT engineer, most notably as a freelance technology architect and also having worked as a lead technology architect in New York for a project involving IoT, machine learning, and web application development.

My freelance work has included software development architecture, advanced network engineering and IT consultancy. Most notably, I have designed and implemented core networks for telecommunications and hosting companies, using modern technologies such as VyOS and other software defined network appliances.

Cybersecurity has been incredibly interesting to me since I was a teenager, where I learned about various vulnerabilities and techniques from online communities. I’ve been able to apply them to help create secure technology designs, but also in identifying and disclosing vulnerabilities to system operators, including Gov.uk.

My passion truly lies in the automotive sector – as a kid that couldn’t put down his PlayStation controller as a kid and left Gran Turismo 2 in the console – I’m passionate about cars and companies that promote the passion of driving, which reflects in my projects. I’m keen on restoring and modifying iconic 90s driving icons, and improving them with technology and upgrades to make them “how they should be”.

See further for specific technologies I’m familiar with:

Programming LanguagesPHP, Ruby, C, Java, Javascript, Python, Bash, Batch, HTML5, CSS, SCSS
Frameworks & PlatformsVue.js, React.js, Redux, Node.js, Bootstrap, Laravel, Lumen, Django, Drupal, WordPress, Twig, Rails, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, AutoML
IaaS, compute and virtualisationVMWare vSphere, AWS, Google Cloud, Proxmox, Citrix XenServer, Docker, Kubernetes
Networking platformsCisco (switch, firewall, router), Arista (switch), VyOS (routing), pfSense (firewall), Meraki (wireless, switching, firewall), Ubiquiti (wireless, routing, switching, firewall), MikroTik (wireless, routing, switching, firewall), Dell (switching)
Operating systemsLinux (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, RancherOS), Windows/Windows Server, FreeBSD, MacOS
DatabasesMySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
IoT & PrototypingAtmel, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, RFID, LoraWAN