UNMS Bugs – a public service announcement

If you were an early adopter of Ubiquiti’s CRM as it tied in quite nicely with their equipment, you too probably also faced an unprecedented amount of bugs. The UNMS conversion was meant to be a saving grace, and it is for the most part.

Until I discovered that after the upgrade, at some random point, the CRM had lost the outbound email credentials without warning! Some 3500~ emails stuck in a queue sending later, it was easily fixed, but for some reason I didn’t get any SMTP failure errors for about 10 days.

The fix is simply re-entering the SMTP credentials on the new page (instead of configuring it from the CRM side, head to the UNMS side), then going back into the CRM and force sending the email queue a few times.

PSA/protip: If you recently upgraded from UCRM to UNMS, check your email settings over the next couple of weeks!!!

Thank goodness I have something else planned in the pipeline, I’m getting sick of baby sitting a CRM!!!

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